Was Nasim Aghdam FGM’d?

An obvious question that the obviously subversive and controlled corporate-occupation media will never think to ask.   With “journalists” like this, who needs the russkies?

She said she’d never been in love, and she was totally involved in defending powerless animals.   She identified with victim hood, and of course she was extremely angry.

If you want to know, don’t bother asking the FBI.   They don’t keep track of such statistics in their male crime database.   What would it cost to allocate and fill in the field in a crime report?   But they’re too busy arranging false flag gun massacres to be bothered with such minor details.

3. Building upon the insights from these experimental animal studies, I conducted cross-cultural studies on 49 primitive cultures distributed throughout the world and was able to predict with 100% accuracy the peaceful and violent nature of these 49 primitive cultures from two predictor variables: a) the degree of physical affectional bonding in the maternal-infant relationship; and b) whether premarital adolescent sex was permitted or punished. There were 29 peaceful and 20 violent cultures in this study sample. There is no other theory or data base that I am aware of that can provide such a prediction of peaceful or violent behaviors and that can relate such findings to specific sensory processes and brain mechanisms of the individual.

4. It is the neuronal systems of the brain which mediate pleasure that regulate and control depression, violence and drug/alcohol abuse and addiction. This control and regulation is provided through the mechanisms of reciprocal inhibition. When the neuronal pleasure circuits of the brain are damaged by SAD-DNS (Somatosensory Affectional Deprivation/Denervation Supersensitivity) then they cannot perform their normative role of regulation and inhibition of those neuronal circuits that mediate depression and violent behaviors.

5. Depressive and Violent Behaviors cannot be understood nor prevented until we understand the neurobiological and neuropsychological role of physical pleasure that must be integrated into those higher brain structures that mediate consciousness and those transcendental states of human spirituality that we call love. Non-integrated pleasure leads to sexual violence and sado-masochism–a consequence of SAD-DNS….

(censored) Presentation by Dr. James Prescott Panel on NIH Research on Anti-Social, Aggressive and Violence-Related Behaviors and Their Consequences

Center for Science Policy Studies, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, 9/93


How the Empire’s Child Abusers Censored Revolutionary Research into Causes of Violence