SC Man wanted to ‘cannibalize’ a child — and made plans to kidnap a 14-year-old girl

South Carolina authorities arrested more than 40 suspected child predators and sex traffickers as a part of a recent sting, according to the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.

But one suspect’s lurid plans for his child victim stood out, police said.

Not only did Justin Teeter Bensing, 36, want to turn a child into a “full time baby maker and sex slave,” according arrest warrants obtained by FOX Carolina — the Myrtle Beach, S.C., man also expressed “passions for cannibalism and bestiality,” the sheriff’s office said.

Bensing said in online communications that he wanted to “cannibalize” a child, Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis said Thursday. His hopes were dashed, however, because the 14-year-old girl Bensing thought he was talking to was actually an undercover officer, according to authorities…..

They will never ever divulge whether this person was imprinted with sadomasochistic torture at birth.   The FBI keeps no such statistics.  The DOJ is obsessed with DJT.  The courts don’t think the equal protection clause applies.   Congress is out playing golf with lobbyists.  The media is waiting for the CIA to tell them what to say.   ( ) Psychiatrists are busy with their own demons.   Human rights NGO’s are afraid of being called anti-semitic.  Hollywood is full of pedophiles already.   But there’s no overarching conspiracy.   It’s just that there’s nothing to see.   Now move on.

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