PDF: The Unkindest Cut of All (1966)

On July 20, 1964, the Medical Tribune published a letter from a Baltimore physician who called for the compulsory circumcision of all men seeking to get married. Indeed, he went on to demand Federal legislation requiring the circumcision of *every* male infant within the first 8 days of life.

Now, just why anyone would want circumcision made compulsory may seem puzzling. After all, circumcision is already a routine oper ation in this country. What need for legislation when 98% of all newborn boys, before leaving hospitals, are circumcised? When Sexology Magazine can maintain that circumcision has become a “status symbol,” and when a physician can lament that “one has to lop it off along with the Joneses”? When just about everyone, including physicians who should know better, has bought the myth that circumcision in some mysterious way prevents certain forms of cancer? One answer, of course, is that if circumcision were made compulsory, the circumciser would be protected whenever he happens to cripple or kill the little boy he operates on — “complication” that is not so very uncommon. Another answer, I think, must be sought in the darker regions of the human mind, because circumcision is simply an unmitigated fraud. It is nothing but wanton and unnecessary mutilation.

The annual 2 million assembly-line circumcisions in this country are a monument to the gullibility and stupidity of the American public. For 60 years, a powerful and articulate minority in our profession has tried to enforce a tabu against any objective discussion of the merits or demerits of circumcision. Over in Great Britain the climate of opinion is decidedly against routine circumcision, but here the operation has become a sacrament: To question its value has become all but unthinkable. The medical literature is virtually closed except to those who drool over the operation’s alleged advantages.

Still, once in a while dissident voices manage to be heard. William Keith C. Morgan, M.D., of the University of Maryland School of Medicine has written in the Journal of the American Medical Association that “98 times out of 100 there is no valid indication for this mutilation other than religion. … Why is the operation of circumcision practiced? One might as well attempt to explain the rites of voodoo!” Peter Van Zante, M.D., of Iowa writes in the Medical Tribune : “Circumcision is cruel and mutilating and actually should be outlawed.” In 1920, a British physician named G.S. Thompson, who had once circumcised himself, later concluded that circumcision was nothing more nor less than “a barbarous and unnecessary mutilation” ( British Medical Journal , 1920).

At this point, the reader may do well to examine his own conscience. If he has been circumcised, either ritually or surgically, and is chagrined that anyone would dare question the advisability of circumcising every single male infant, let him read no further. He has about as much chance of being objective as he has of growing himself a new foreskin.


Efforts to justify circumcision have been made since the very beginnings of history. The desire to mutilate came first; the “reasons” came later, and run the gamut from spiritual through cultural, esthetic, and finally medical…..


Lest I be broad brushed with the epithet of “antisemitism”, let me point out that there is a large and growing movement among Jews to abolish this ancient self-replicating stupidity, which has reverberations throughout the man’s life as well as the life of his children, circumcised or not.   It is largely the fear of being called antisemitic that shields it from commonsensical and objective evaluation.    This is not a Jewish psyop, it is a satanic psyop which was first imposed on Jews, whose collective sense of being under siege from the broader society makes them particularly susceptible to blind obedience to their authority figures, who are certainly no less suspect than our demonstrably satanic non-jewish authorities.    Money guides society, not the other way around, and ultra-wealthy satanists have long put their money where their ambitions are: total unquestioning planet-wide social control.   A “civilization” of sociopathic slaves.

It’s long past time to shrug off fear and denial and act like adults about this issue.   Facing it won’t kill us, but avoiding it just might.

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