MSM, Brookings Reveals Plan To ‘Bleed’ Syria In Absence Of Defeat On The Battlefield

A recent opinion piece written by Tim Lister for CNN entitled “Assad May Win Syria’s War, But He Will Preside Over A Broken Country,” has unintentionally revealed part of the plan for Syria maintained by the United States, Israel, GCC, and NATO. In lieu of the complete destruction of the Syrian government, the “coalition” of invaders seems to be focusing on their Plan B goal of “federalization” and fracturing of Syria using Kurds, Islamic terrorists, and other religious/ethnic groups to create a collection of religious/ethno states incapable of resisting the will of world powers and one very specific regional power.

Thus, while Syria seems poised to eliminate the terrorist presence in the country at some point in the not so distant future, the question still remains over the Kurdish, Turkish, and American presence and the potentially massive implications for conflict with other national powers if military action is taken to live up to the word of President Assad who promised to liberate “every inch” of Syrian soil. But even if these three issues could be resolved and the war ended today, Syria has experienced seven years of the most intense fighting of the 21st Century and a massive portion of its infrastructure, housing, economy, healthcare, and general living standards has been turned into rubble. Syria, has been depleted militarily, economically, and in just about every other way possible as a result of the Western-backed invasion that has over 400,000 people killed.

In the CNN piece Lister concludes by stating,

Bashar al-Assad has won in the sense that there is no viable alternative to his rule that enjoys broad international support. He has lost in the sense that he now presides over a broken country, whose reconstruction could cost anything from $100 billion upwards. International donors and investors are highly unlikely to venture anywhere near Syria until a credible political settlement is worked out. As Syrian journalist Jihad Yazigi put it, “Saudi Arabia is not going to put money in a country that is controlled by Iran.” And Russia doesn’t have the money….

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