Mind Blowing New Book by Russian General: Secret Civilization Under Antarctica

In the fourth episode of his monthly show Tales from the Russian Intelligence, Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses a new book written by Leonid Ivashov, one of the best-known geopolitical commentators in Russia. Ivashov is a former four-star general of the Soviet and Russian military and has filled high-level positions in the Russian military command. At this time, he is the president of the Russian Academy for the Study of Geopolitical Problems. Ivashov is the author of several books, including his autobiography entitled “I am proud to be a Russian general” and a book on the last Soviet defense minister, marshal Dmitry Yazov and the abortive putsch against the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in August 1991.

In this episode, Professor Kovacevic zeroes in on Ivashov’s latest and most mysterious and controversial book entitled “The Inverted World: The Secrets of the Past and the Enigmas of the Present” and subtitled “What is Hidden in the Secret Archives of the Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs (NKVD), the [Nazi secret society] Ahnenerbe, and the Supreme Command of the Wehrmacht.” This book was published in early 2017 and is unknown in the English language media. This is the first time the book is being discussed in English. Do not miss this exclusive edition of Tales from the Russian Intelligence!


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