Hungary Repatriates All Its Gold From London Fearing ‘Geopolitical Crisis’

The National Bank of Hungary is bringing back the country’s 100,000 ounces of gold from London, citing fears over a coming ‘geopolitical crisis’.

The total value of the 3 tons of gold amounts to 33 billion Hungarian forint ($130 million dollars).

According to Hungary’s central bank, the move was motivated by concern over future “geopolitical crises” and the fact that storing gold outside the country is increasingly being seen as too risky.

“Gold is not merely an investment product for central banks, but is a strategic tool that is conducive to confidence in the country both abroad and domestically,” the bank said in a press release, adding, “The time has come to bring home the gold reserves of the country.”…

With the luciferian central banksters having stolen probably the vast majority of the gold in the western world, the need for the peasants to recognize that confidence in gold is NOTHING compared to the confidence to be derived from publicly controlled asset-based currency cannot be reiterated enough.   Friends don’t let friends be ignorant of this issue   We have the means to free ourselves from our invisible chains within our reach.  Humanity’s future depends on this one issue more than any other.

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