Anti-gun Activists Ignore the Biggest Purveyor of Violence–the State

The school shooting in Florida appears to be the event that will ultimately tip the scale in the war against the Second Amendment and firearm ownership. Politicians who defend the Second Amendment and argue the issue of mass shootings in America is a complex issue that doesn’t have easy answers are being told they will be voted out of office if they don’t back demands to outlaw firearms. However, since the Obama administration, there has been an almost complete disconnect on the part of liberals when it comes to violence and mass murder committed by the government. A resurgent anti-war movement following the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq evaporated overnight after Obama was elected. Obama continued and expanded the war crimes of his predecessor, George Bush, and liberals and so-called progressives, entranced by the media invented magnetism of America’s first black Democrat president, soon adopted the neocon wars as their own. The number of people killed in US wars, interventions, and proxy conflicts make Pol Pot, Kim Il-Sung, Saddam Hussein, Sukarno, Mussolini, and various African dictators look like rank amateurs by way of comparison. The government’s objective in putting an end to gun violence is not about saving the lives of innocent children. It’s about control. A disarmed, dumbed down, and propagandized public is incapable of resisting the tyranny of the state.

It’s getting very hard to believe that the talking heads in the MSM, who resolutely ignore the obvious role of psych drugs, obstetrical abuse and “no-gun-zones” in school massacres, as well as the implications of the obviously planned and impending implosion of the economy, do not secretly desire the mass killing of americans in the streets.

So which is it Rachel?  Are you a closeted satanist or just doing your job like the nazi war criminals in WWII?

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