Rappoport: Social Engineers Experiment with Human Hormones to Facilitate Mass Forced Displacement

… The title of the study is, “Oxytocin-enforced norm compliance reduces xenophobic outgroup rejection.” (Reference: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017 Aug 29;114(35):9314-9319.)…

Oxytocin, the chemical used in this study, is described by Medical News Today: “Widely referred to as the love hormone, oxytocin has also been dubbed the hug hormone, cuddle chemical, moral molecule, and the bliss hormone due to its effects on behavior, including its role in love and in female reproductive biological functions in reproduction.”…

The published study details a successful attempt at chemical mind control. The goal is making people more “happy and friendly” about mass migration, by changing their hormonal response toward migrants….


In the midst of rapid globalization, the peaceful coexistence of cultures requires a deeper understanding of the forces that compel prosocial behavior and thwart xenophobia. Yet, the conditions promoting such outgroup-directed altruism have not been determined. Here we report the results of a double-blind, placebo-controlled experiment showing that enhanced activity of the oxytocin system paired with charitable social cues can help counter the effects of xenophobia by fostering altruism toward refugees. These findings suggest that the combination of oxytocin and peer-derived altruistic norms reduces outgroup rejection even in the most selfish and xenophobic individuals, and thereby would be expected to increase the ease by which people adapt to rapidly changing social ecosystems….


How convenient for the masters of war who create such forced migration and use the migrants as tools to wreck the western societies whose tax dollars pay for their profitable plunder.   Seriously, altruism and human rights has nothing to do with this.  It’s about destroying and taking over two countries and making peasants happy about it.

Big Pharma Exploits Human Birth Hormones for Vaccine Population Control

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Rappoport: Medical Psychopaths, Fraud and Mass Medical Murder

As I’ve been documenting for years, the medical cartel has been engaged in massive criminal fraud, presenting their drugs as safe and effective across the board—when, in fact, these drugs have been killing and maiming huge numbers of people, like clockwork.

… Every year, in the US, between 76,000 and 137,000 hospitalized patients die as a direct result of the drugs.

Beyond that, every year 2.2 million hospitalized patients experience serious adverse reactions to the drugs.

The authors write: “…Our study on ADRs [Adverse Drug Reactions], which excludes medication errors, had a different objective: to show that there are a large number of ADRs even when the drugs are properly prescribed and and administered.”

So this study had nothing to do with doctor errors, nurse errors, or improper combining of drugs. And it only counted people killed who were admitted to hospitals. It didn’t begin to tally all the people taking pharmaceuticals who died as consequence of the drugs, without being admitted to hospitals.

I found the link to this study at the Dr. Rath Health Foundation, in the middle of a very interesting article by Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki: “Commentary on the Safety of Vitamins.”

Here are two key quotes from her article:

“In 2010, not one single person [in the US] died as a result of taking vitamins (Bronstein, et al, (2011) Clinical Toxical, 49 (10), 910-941).”

“In 2004, the deaths of 3 people [in the US] were attributed to the intake of vitamins. Of these, 2 persons were said to have died as a result of megadoses of vitamins D and E, and one person as a result of an overdose of iron and fluoride. Data from: ‘Toxic Exposure Surveillance System 2004, Annual Report, Am. Assoc. of Poison Control Centers.’”

Summing up:

No deaths from vitamins (2011), and three deaths (2004) from vitamins/iron/fluoride.

106,000 deaths every year from pharmaceutical drugs. (Starfield).

Between 76,000 and 137,000 deaths from pharmaceutical drugs every year in hospitalized patients. (Lazerou).

The FDA and its “quack-buster” allies go after vitamins, demean “unproven remedies,” and generally take every possible opportunity to warn people about “alternatives,” on the basis that they aren’t scientifically supported.

Meanwhile, the very drugs these mobsters are promoting, and certifying as safe and effective, are killing and maiming people at a staggering rate.

The masses are treated to non-stop PR on the glories of the US medical system.

In the Wikipedia entry, “US military casualties of war,” the grand total of all military deaths in the history of this country, starting with the Revolutionary War, is 1,312,612.

In any given 10 years of modern medical treatment? 2,250,000 deaths (Starfield).

Consider how much suppression is necessary to keep the latter number under wraps.

And oh yes, one more thing: none of the studies cited above examine the destruction wrought by vaccines. That’s forbidden.


Homo Sapiens Population Is Crashing Since 1987

The population of Homo sapiens increased since the end of the black plague in 1351. With the few exceptions of major wars and the influenza of 1918, it has steadily increased.

The population of Homo sapiens peaked when we added 87,014,000 in 1987.

Every year since 1987 fewer and fewer people have been added to the population.

United Nations (UN) population numbers showing fewer added from 1987 to 1999:

1987 — 87,014,000
1988 — 86,336,000
1989 — 84,686,000
1990 — 82,613,000
1991 — 80,752,000
1992 — 79,339,000
1993 — 78,670,000
1994 — 78,544,000
1996 — 75,639,000
1996 — 74,063,000
1997 — 72,364,000
1998 — 70,521,000
1999 — 68,573,000

(See Table 1, 2 and 3 links below for all years and population numbers)

On October 12, 1999 we reached a population of 6 billion.

On October 31, 2011 we supposedly reached a population of 7 billion.

In these 12.05 years we added 1 billion people = 82,987,552 added per year.

How could this possibly be, when the population of Homo sapiens had decreased for 12 straight years (1987 to 1999), with an average yearly decrease of 1,536,750 people?

In 1999 the UN stated we added 68,573,000 (I believe we added only 63,270,000).

The UN started to publish low, medium and high population estimates in 1996.

Every year from 1996 to 2000 there were fewer people added than the UN low estimate.

Based on the UN numbers, zero population growth will occur between 2020 and 2029.

Even in 2000, the UN low for zero population growth to occur was in 2038.

Now the UN is forecasting a population of 9 billion by 2050 and 10.1 billion by 2100.

Are these new fabricated population numbers a cover for the culling of Homo sapiens?

I believe they are….


Tunnel Vision Networks Give Less Than One Minute to House Intel Committee ‘No Collusion’ Findings

After spending thousands of hours over two years speculating about alleged “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia, the major networks dedicated less than one minute to news the House Intelligence Committee determined there was no collusion and closed their inquiry on Monday.

From Newsbusters:

On Monday, the House Intelligence Committee closed its inquiry into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, much to the chagrin of the liberal media. The committee confirmed that the Russians were indeed trying to cause chaos in the election, claimed they weren’t out to help candidate Donald Trump specifically and that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. But during their evening broadcasts, ABC and CBS downplayed the findings while NBC ignored them.

CBS Evening News only gave 31 seconds to the House committee’s findings. “Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee said there was no collusion or coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election,” reported anchor Jeff Glor. “They also say that while Russia tried to interfere with the elections, they do not agree with U.S. intelligence that the Russians were trying to help Donald Trump.”

Glor followed that up by noting that committee’s Democrats would be releasing their own findings:

Democrats on the House panel are expected to put out their own report with different findings. The Senate Intelligence Committee is also investigating Russian meddling, as is the special counsel, Robert Mueller.

Meanwhile, on ABC’s World News Tonight, they only gave the development 27 seconds, which meant the three major network news outlets (ABC, CBS, and NBC) gave the story less than a minute of combined airtime (58 seconds).

Hundreds of thousands of man hours across multiple fields were wasted on this complete and total hoax, yet the House Intelligence Committee’s exoneration of Trump merited less than one minute of coverage.