Jim Willie: Fort Knox is a NERVE GAS WAREHOUSE

I try not to fearmonger here but unfortunately reality is pretty disturbing.   The basic fact is that the USA and most of the rest of the western world is under the control of some very evil people who have just about stolen the entire country out from under our feet,  and they are fully aware that the american people are unlikely to accept their new status as landless starving peasants in a calm and peaceful way when the harsh reality begins to dawn on the average person.   Thus the nearly hysterical push to disarm the public under any conceivable pretext as soon as possible.

Using Ft Knox for storing their solution to the problem makes a lot of sense both from a practical and a theological perspective.   It’s a central location, it has tight security (even the guards wouldn’t know what’s in there), and there’s a certain satanic humor in responding to public demands for the return of our stolen gold by opening the gates of hell.

The mechanism of mass distribution is already in place.   Whoever they had to bribe or blackmail into allowing nearly constant overflights of toxin-spewing drone jets throughout the entire country have now grown accustomed to the status quo.   All they need to do is substitute one chemical for the other and possibly lower the flight altitude.   Is it time to stock up on anti-nerve agent?   Or is it time to prod the states’ air national guard units into waking up and defending their skies as they’re paid to do?

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