Washington Post’s Substitute for Journalism Re: “Russiagate”

I’m not really following this issue, it’s pretty much a diversion from what’s going on in the world and of course the DNC is even more corrupt than the RNC if that’s possible.   The more interesting question is why virtually the entire genocidal establishment seems to be aching for Trump’s assassination as soon and as painfully as possible.   You can smell the fear.   I strongly suspect they have much to be fearful of.  But whatever Trump’s faults (and he has many) he’s a boy scout compared to his most powerful detractors.  This is what they find so vexing.  He’s clean enough that they can’t seem to make any of this manufactured poop storm stick to him.

Anyway, sometimes it’s entertaining to watch our self-described “free press” do gymnastics around the real issues.   Their public credibility can’t implode fast enough.

An editorial in the February 2ndWashington Post headlines “The Nunes memo shows the opposite of what Trump hoped it would prove”, and its first argument is that “the memo reveals that there were preexisting [i.e., prior to the FBI’s investigation into the DNC’s infamous Steele dossier, which even Steele himself acknowledged was probably 10% to 30% false] grounds to investigate, based on information about a different Trump associate. So the president cannot construe this memo as offering evidence that the Russia probe began corruptly.”

However, the Nunes Memo isn’t alleging “that the Russia probe began corruptly.” It is instead arguing that when the FBI’s follow-on investigation reached the point where they would need permission from the FISA (or “FISC”) court in order to obtain evidence that might possibly implicate US President Trump in impeachable offenses, the FBI resorted to an ilegal tactic to win the court’s okay: hiding crucial material information from the FISA court. That’s the case the Nunes Memo is actually summarizing….


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