The Road to Nuclear War with China Runs Through Taiwan

Nukes are coming back to Asia!

America’s Nuclear Posture Review is out, and it offers a blueprint for a nuclear war with China.  China’s not gonna like it, you’re not gonna like it, but it’s the Pentagon’s miracle cure for declining US conventional strength in Asia.

It’s another sign that the uniformed military, its anxieties, and its priorities are at the heart of US foreign policy.  The acronyms you want to watch for are SLCS, LRSO, and B O O M.  The powderkeg you want to keep your eye on is Taiwan, where it looks like the hegemon hopes and nuclear fantasies of the China hawks are going to collide.

And foreign influence in Australia is real!  In a China Watch exclusive, I uncover a genuine foreign influence scandal at the heart of Australia’s national security establishment.

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