Newsweek Caught Peddling Monsanto PR as News

(Natural News) The money is running out and readership is plummeting at the propaganda rag known as Newsweek. Recently exposed for publishing Monsanto’s lies as “news,” Newsweek Media group is currently imploding from the top down.  Top executives were fired this week and the entire staff was told to go home without pay.

The rapid implosion began with Newsweek’s editor-in-chief Bob Roe and executive editor Ken Li, both fired last Monday. Veteran investigative reporters Celeste Katz and Josh Saul were also terminated, along with Josh O’Keefe, a reporter for International Business Times (IBT), an affiliate of Newsweek. With everything falling apart, veteran political reporter Matthew Cooper also resigned the same day. Company CEO Dev Pragad installed an “acting editor” from IBT to keep Newsweek crippling along.

Newsweek pushes Monsanto propaganda, hastening the demise of their credibility

Newsweek has degenerated into a globalist propaganda rag, going as low as to publish Monsanto propaganda penned by discredited industry insider Henry I. Miller.  Industry propaganda is not news, is not investigative reporting, and those organizations that publish it will hasten their own demise.

Newsweek’s most recent article by Miller, an attack on organic foods, shows where their true allegiance lies….

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