Immigration: Trump Maneuvers Globalists into “Cheap Labor” Argument

I’ve recently been cheering the fact that our country has awoken from its immigration slumbers and is now at last discussing the issue publicly in a reasoned, well-informed, grown-up way. Not ex-President George W. Bush, though. He’s still mumbling out the threadbare slogans of fifteen years ago—slogans even the cheap-labor shills are now embarrassed to be heard repeating: “jobs that Americans won’t do,” “putting food on the table for their families,” “our broken immigration system” …

All that was missing from his recent $peech to a think-tank conference in the United Arab Emirates was a quote from Emma Lazarus.

W. scolded President Trump for rescinding DACA. Concerning the beneficiaries of that unconstitutional order, W proclaimed: “America’s their home.”

It may be their home, W, but it’s not their country. A country’s only your country if you’re a lawful citizen.

Guess what else W said?

There are people willing to do jobs that Americans won’t do. Americans don’t want to pick cotton at 105 degrees but there are people who want to put food on their family’s tables and are willing to do that. We ought to say thank you and welcome them.

[ George W. Bush says Russia meddled in 2016 US election, by Jon Gambrell, AP, February 8, 2018]

Leaving aside the issue that picking cotton is almost entirely automated nowadays: Was that a trip down Memory Lane, or what?…

Nancy Pelosi just delivered an eight-hour speech urging white people like herself to commit mass suicide so that vibrant brown people could take their rightful place as rulers of America.

I think that’s what her speech was about, anyway, though I confess I didn’t listen attentively to all eight hours. Wednesday’s the day I express my dog’s anal glands, and some things just have to be attended to.

The parts I did watch were so strange, I was expecting a couple of orderlies in lab coats to show up and escort the lady to a van outside.

Neil Munro over at Breitbart provided toe-curling extracts from Nancy’s speech. Samples — you’d better have the barf bag handy:

We recognize that they are a blessing to America … the dreamers are all over our country, Mr. Speaker, they are a blessing so across the board … These are the best of the best. They are so fabulous … Each of them with their individual contribution to the greatness of America. So exciting, so proud of them … Recognize, recognize again the hard work ethic, the commitment to education, to community service, to faith, to family, to the United States of America. It’s a beautiful thing … Am I not lucky to be able to become so familiar with so many of these beautiful dreamers? We want to send these people back? This talent, this rich talent, this achievement, this determination, this faith in the future, this patriotism for America? I don’t think so … Let us acknowledge the dreamers and their optimism, their inspiration to make America more American

[Pelosi is entranced by 3 million ‘Dreamer’ illegals, insults Americans’ children, by Neil Munro, Breitbart, February 7, 2018].

Munro, who has a keen ear, did spot in that eight-hour gush of immigration romanticism, one reference to us American citizens, who live here legally:

Many of the great academic minds in our country came from another country. But then — at the same time America produced our own and that’s a pretty exciting combination.

So Pelosi thinks we can bring forth people who are not totally worthless—but they only lose their worthlessness when in combination with those wonderful, beautiful, talented illegal aliens who have blessed us with their presence.

The speaker here is the leader of her party in the U.S. House of Representatives — a major party, that had a president in power until just over a year ago.

Chuck Schumer, the lady’s Senate counterpart, is an intelligent man. He has to be racking his brains right now to think of some way he can get this Mrs. Rochester back into the attic … and lose the key.

What no one on the acceptable political spectrum is talking about, is that most of these people are refugees from US foreign and corporate policies.   You’d have to be under severe duress to move from what should be tropical paradises south of the border to the mechanistic industrial drone hellhole of the USA.   Americans are still laboring under the comfortable delusion that this is  a free country.   The formal trappings of dictatorship will only be needed when that delusion finally fades.

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