Guns and Butter Shows on Vaccines

Some (all?) of these shows were censored by KPFA’s strictly enforced constraints on polite discourse.  Of course everyone KNOWS that questioning medical theories about vaccines and the human immune system in the face of empirical evidence that they don’t know what they’re talking about is nothing but right-wing unscientific conspiracy theory.   But the left’s conspiracy theories about the essential benevolence of our great leaders in the face of their own repeated expose’s of the empire’s lethal foreign policies really does break new ground in mental gymnastics.

At least the establishment right is consistent in their acceptance of the empire’s propaganda.   The establishment left however has managed to compartmentalize foreign vs domestic policy analysis, seemingly for the purpose of maintaining their psychological equilibrium.    To their credit, this would seem to support their contention that liberals tend to be better educated than conservatives, at least insofar as liberals are much more indoctrinated in the mental disciplines needed to live in an orwellian society.

I’ll take ignorance over neurosis any day.

The following are the shows Guns and Butter has done on vaccines.

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