FBI Establishes Task Force to Target Alternative Media

The FBI has thrown its weight behind the campaign to discredit alternative media as peddlers of Russian influence and disinformation.

Last month, the agency announced it plans to establish a task force to “alert U.S. companies and the public about efforts by Russia or other nations to use disinformation and social media manipulation to interfere in upcoming elections, while being careful not to upset free speech and constitutional rights,” according to Bloomberg.

In other words, the FBI will go after what it considers purveyors of thoughtcrime, that is to say any news source or social media post critical of the establishment and its rigged elections and corrupt political class.

Considering the FBI’s long history of subverting political movements and attacking the leaders of those movements—ostensibly protected under the Constitution it claims to uphold—the announcement is, to say the least, worrisome.

As I documented in the Newsbud video “The Murder of Alternative Media,” the establishment has moved in a significant way to not only counter alternative media news sources, but portray them as agents of Russian influence and thus a threat to “democracy.”

The shadowy PropOrNot and later the Hamilton 68 Dashboard, the latter under the auspices of the German Marshall Fund and its corporate and banking partners, are in the process of turning the sham Russian election meddling and influence peddling narrative against those of us who critique and criticize establishment propaganda.

The objective is not only to silence this criticism, but also depict political activism outside boundaries established by the state as a direct threat to national security. This would not have been possible without the obviously manufactured Russian meddling-influence narrative which has reached bizarre proportion….


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