Clinton Fired All 93 US Attorneys in 1993

Can you guess why?  For one thing, he and his criminal atty general had to control the upcoming investigation in oklahoma which would result from their planned false flag demolition of the murrah federal building in 1995.

They also needed to control the state investigations into the cia’s cocaine industry.

Well this is a shocker… 
Democrats are making a stink over the fact that Attorney General Gonzales firing 8 US attorneys despite the fact that when Bill Clinton came into office he fired all 93 US attorneys in 1993!
The Political Grapevine reported this news tonight:

News stories reporting that the Bush administration had considered firing all 93 U.S. attorneys across the country failed to mention that that is exactly what Bill Clinton did soon after taking office in 1993.

The only sitting U.S. attorney Clinton did not cashier was Michael Chertoff, now the Bush Homeland Security Secretary. At the time Chertoff was U.S. attorney in New Jersey and then Democratic Senator Bill Bradley of New Jersey intervened to save Chertoff’s job. None of this was noted, even in passing, in front-page stories today in The New York Times and Washington Post, or in the AP’s story on the subject.

By the way, the mass Clinton firings generated some news stories, some complaints from Republicans in Congress, but no Congressional investigations, and not a word from Chuck Schumer.

More Liberal Politics…
Macranger has more on The Great Purge of ’93! and the connection to Hillary Clinton. This is a must read! Is it really that surprising that this story is just two degrees from a Clinton scandal?

And… Hillary Clinton calls for Gonzales’ resignation.…Figures!

Update:The Opinion Journal talks more about Hillary’s experience in dismissing attorneys… She would have done better if she would have kept her mouth shut on this one.

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