CDC is developing a nationwide “medical police state” program to track vaccine compliance

May lead to “medical kidnapping” of children

(Natural News) The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is essentially the vaccine compliance and enforcement division of the pharmaceutical industry. Their newly developed program, Immunization Information Systems (IIS), is part of the roll out of a kind of “medical police state” which would allow the government to monitor and track the mandatory vaccine compliance of every citizen.

This data is collected automatically; there is no consent. The database tracks your personal and family health decisions, even when you say NO to a vaccine. The database will identify areas of “under vaccination” and track citizens who are not in compliance with the current childhood and adult vaccine schedules.

According to their 2013-2017 functional standards, the IIS requires the following information in their database: patient name, birth date, sex, race, ethnicity, birth order, birth state, mother’s name, vaccine type, vaccine manufacturer, vaccination date, and vaccination lot number. If a vaccine is refused, that information is collected, too. State vaccine registries are used to help compile the data.

The data only becomes valuable when it is shared; this is why the IIS reserves the right to share your personal vaccination status to “healthcare providers, public health, and other authorized stakeholders” in all 50 states. The IIS also declares they can share the information with schools, daycare, and child camps, giving these institutions the data they need to enforce vaccine compliance. The language used by IIS is vague; the data could fall into the possession of any industry or government enforcement that has a financial incentive to see that you and your children are vaccinated as much as possible.

Why else would this information be collected in the first place? The vaccine industry is a $30 billion industry worldwide and the CDC buys and sells over $4 billion in vaccines, while owning over 20 patents on vaccines. The World Health Organization encourages further investment in vaccines, predicting the industry to grow to $100 billion annually by 2025. There are 69 recommended doses on the childhood vaccine schedule, which is set up by the CDC. There are also 100 doses on the adult schedule and an additional 270+ vaccines in the developmental pipeline. The CDC openly and haughtily states that their goal is to get 95 percent or greater vaccine compliance, as if consent, body autonomy, and personal decision-making in health care no longer exists.

The CDC sees unvaccinated individuals as a threat to their agenda. By their testimony alone, healthy unvaccinated individuals and children debunk the advertised “need” for these vaccines. Children and adults who are routinely damaged by vaccines are a glaring example of the vaccine industry’s unchecked abuses. These people, often stereotyped as “anti-vaxxers” are viewed as a threat to this industry; therefore, the CDC needs this IIS surveillance system….

It’s because of “global warming” you see.  They tried persuading focus groups to hold their breath indefinitely but people of normal intelligence tend to be problematic, and then there’s the fear of death even among broken, subjugated and “self-medicated” slaves.  Thus the need for some tweaking.

They’re apparently having no problems persuading doctors to expose other people’s children to vaccine damage however.  They probably grant waivers for doctors to keep their kids out of the system.  That’s how psychopathic societies like US-imposed latin american death squad democracies are designed.  Of necessity the enforcers must be recruited from the general population and so the proper incentives must be provided, mostly in the form of temporary reprieves from the nightmare that they enforce.

If there has been one major scientific discovery of american medicine, it’s that anyone, even well educated people with the highest self-described motivations, can be persuaded to participate in pretty much any atrocity given the right indoctrination and incentives, but a shutdown of the higher brain functions is required.  Thus the need for constant stress and fear in medical education and practice.   It’s harder to impose such punitive regimens in the broader society because peasants tend to huddle together for protection and mutual support.   Thus the need to destroy families and communities, and ultimately minds, to achieve our masters’ utopian fantasies.

This fear/stress principle was discovered a long time ago in obstetrics and military indoctrination, and it’s been utilized for centuries in occult satanic societies, but successfully applying it to the “cream of the crop” so to speak, really does represent a very alarming breakthrough.

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