A very deep look at the the topic of sexuality and the sexual corruption of Mankind. The distortions now being expressed have almost totally broken our ability to manifest an authentic, enduring union. Our behavior is causing pain not just for us, but for the children. This conversation is very important. Please listen and share.

Listen in as host Doug McKenty discusses how Luciferian engineers influence our sexuality in this second episode featuring Jeanice Barcelo. Her DVD presentation, entitled Human Sexuality, Pornography and the attack on Human Love provides the perfect complement to her book, Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine as Jeanice posits how the elite use both sex and birth to negatively effect our ability to create healthy long term relationships that would form a strong foundation for cultivating a powerful family unit. In this episode, you will discover the direct link between elite foundations and the proliferation of an irresponsible approach to sex that has resulted in a focus on impulsive, materialistic and lust based attitudes about sex at the expense of the real love connection that is required for successful long term relationships that provide a healthy environment for the conception, birth and rearing of children. Find out more about Jeanice Barcelo at and help make The Shift at

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