McDowell triplets, VaxXed & within hours, autistic

It is totally abusive to treat children as they do.  It is totally abusive to lie to parents as the McDowells were lied to… So abusive. For what? For profit? For population control? There are those who love misery – for others. Our own Kerth Barker (see has told tales of child rape, torture, murder and cannibalism committed by the same system that requires vaccinations. The vaccine batch was contaminated and had killed one child, but they would not tell the parents; they had to learn it for themselves. Five years later, they heard of the vaccine courts but the “statute of limitations” was three years…

Vaccination Medical Insanity on Display

Whistleblower Exposes Murder of Teens by Clinton AR Drug Syndicate

To think that we almost had a second president clinton.

We might yet.

This is the morality of the mass murdering deep state which is clamoring for the disarmament of the people under false pretexts involving their own staged mass murders of school children over a span of nearly two decades.  They have plans for you and your kids, some of which are already done.  STOP ENTRUSTING YOUR KIDS TO THE SYSTEM.

Ex-pro wrestler Billy Jack Haynes admits to being a witness to the murder of Kevin Ives and Don Henry in 1987 and claims a “criminal Arkansas politician” covered it up to hide cocaine trafficking links.

Contribute for costs of criminal investigation:

Murder On The Tracks: A Crime Of Mena: The Ives- Duffey Files

The Clinton’s Arkansas Drug Empire

Here’s a small fraction of what our liberal democracy has done in our name over the past few decades.   The problem is systemic.  I believe it is satanic and there’s plenty of evidence for this.  The system is rife with satanism, for instance the obviously satanic ritual abuse carried out under the cloak of american medicine

Border Crisis: The Crocodile Tears of the Empire

More on staged massacres in the USA:

Staged Massacres: Eyewitness Accounts Being Scrubbed from Internet