Yet another false flag gas attack underway in Syria

Reports coming from anonymous sources known as “rescuers” and the debunked White Helmets of a chlorine gas attack in Syria’s capital Damascus are flooding the internet just as Syrian forces are beating back terrorists from the country.

Just as Syrian forces sweep what is left of al-Nusra terrorists from Idlib, reports coming from the AP allege a chlorine gas attack has struck a suburb of Damascus. The report cites anonymous rescuers, including the already disgraced and debunked White Helmets, Syrian Civil Defence, and Syrian Observatory for Human Rights….

Does anyone believe this crap any more?  Not there aren’t people dying in syria by the boatload, but the question is who is killing them?  Readers of this blog and many others know the answer.   You can thank the professional liars of the MSM that most people still don’t know.

The MSM is a weapon of mass destruction.   Turn off your TV and start thinking for god’s sake.  People are dying and you’re paying for it.

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