Wisconsin Schools Teaching Racial Division, Broken Families

(Natural News) Parents of school-age children in Wisconsin are making their grievances known about the latest onslaught of racist curriculum to creep into the state’s public “education” system. According to reports, eighth-graders in West Bend, a northwest suburb of Milwaukee, are apparently now being taught that they’re bad people if their skin color is white, or if their families have two parents of the opposite sex who are still married.

During a recent segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson explained that students attending schools in the West Bend area, which is predominantly white, are being given so-called “privilege tests” during class that identify being white and having an intact family as representing undue “privilege” in society. Students who fall into either or both of these categories are basically being shamed by their teachers and told that they’re inherently racist, while black and brown students are being told that they’re victims who deserve special treatment in society….


It’s ludicrous to think the genocidal luciferian controllers of this empire have some misguided moral objective here.   This is social destabilization and control 101.   The luciferians are EVERYONE’S enemy: black, white, young, old, poor, middle class, wealthy … human.  The objective of such manipulation is to prevent us from organizing against our common foe.

Normalizing the broken families that they have very deliberately created through economic and medical manipulation is hugely ironic.  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2014/02/the-war-on-empathy-love-and-family/   They are child abusers without parallel.  The mass misery they have created for profit is beyond imagination.

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