USA Exports Medical Terrorism to Kenya While Spending $600K to Study Claimed Terror-Gender Connection

Progress in Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Service Provision — Kenya, 2008–2011

… This report summarizes the progress of the VMMC scale-up in Kenya during 2008–2011. By December 2011, a total of 340,958 males had been circumcised in 260 CDC-supported sites. …

State Department Spending $592,500 to ‘Explore Gender Identities of Boys and Men in Kenya’

Taxpayer-funded study blames terrorism on ‘ideals of masculinity’

The State Department announced a new $600,000 taxpayer-funded study that suggests “ideals of masculinity” in Kenya are contributing to terrorism.

The department’s Bureau of Counterterrorism is seeking a nonprofit group to “explore gender identities of boys and men in Kenya.” The grant proposal states that men being “tough, heterosexual, aggressive, unemotional, and achieving” can make them vulnerable to joining Islamic extremist groups.

“Gender is increasingly recognized as an essential aspect to understanding and countering violent extremism throughout the world,” the State Department said. “To date, research and interventions on gender in Kenya have predominantly focused on the role of women and girls in violent extremism. However, men and boys are disproportionately recruited by and join terrorist groups and carry out terrorist operations. In Kenya, there currently exists no CVE [countering violent extremism] programming dedicated to the role of gender of boys and men and vulnerability to violent extremism.”

To remedy this, the State Department will spend up to $592,500 on the “Masculinity and Violent Extremism” study, which will be awarded to an American nonprofit or nongovernmental organization later this year.

The study will “determine existing knowledge and gaps on male gender and violent extremism as well as explore gender identities of boys and men in Kenya.”…

There is so very much bullshit and satanic betrayal implied in all this that it’s hard to know where to start.   The very word “terrorism” denies that everyone has a historical narrative, including people who become violent for political ends.   Violence is not coded in genes, it’s learned from and imposed by the satanic system.   The blindness of washington to its own role in imposing and facilitating violence through corporate and medical predation against the kenyan people can only be deliberate.   There is money to be made, families to be destroyed, children to be tortured and terrorized.   What self-respecting satanist could resist such temptations?

The satanic control freaks in washington know very well that “voluntary” MGM among kenyan adults will quickly become mandatory MGM of non-consenting children and babies, as adult psychological defense mechanisms come into play over time.    That’s what happened generations ago in the USA.

These programs are two sides of the same coin of profit-driven social destabilization.

Taxpayer-subsidized MGM can be expected to exacerbate and accelerate western corporate exploitation and impoverishment in kenya through the political impotence and chaos resulting from the breakup of families and communities while increasing mortality rates through increased M->F HIV transmission and increased sexual promiscuity

The flip side is for the domestic US audience: the reinforcement of the carefully cultivated  perception of men as being born violent for the purpose of imposing domestic social division and control right here in the USA, ignoring the role of institutional violence in creating street-level violence .

All in keeping with the stated goals of the kissinger NSSM 200 from the nixon era:

Because of the momentum of population dynamics, reductions in birth rates affect total numbers only slowly. High birth rates in the recent past have resulted in a high proportion m the youngest age groups, so that there will continue to be substantial population increases over many years even if a two-child family should become the norm in the future. Policies to reduce fertility will have their main effects on total numbers only after several decades. However, if future numbers are to be kept within reasonable bounds, it is urgent that measures to reduce fertility be started and made effective in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Moreover, programs started now to reduce birth rates will have short run advantages for developing countries in lowered demands on food, health and educational and other services and in enlarged capacity to contribute to productive investments, thus accelerating development….

Thus the need to not only reduce birth rates , but to increase mortality and poverty so as to “lower demands” for indigenous consumption of natural resources which compete with corporate requirements, and “accelerate development” of corporate tendrils into the human economy in kenya and what remains of human communities in the USA.

And lest anyone has any residual hopes that these programs have something to do with preventing violence, please see:

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