US media lies about Iran protests — just like in 1953

What’s next?  Humanitarian bombing?

Oh to be a playwright or cartoonist. For is there not rich comic potential in the prospect of secret military units scouring a bomb-cratered, smoking and corpse-strewn [iraqi] landscape for evidence of weapons of mass destruction?

— London Guardian 14 April 2003

“Stop the presses! Spontaneous protests, driven by economic woes and anti-leadership wrath, are about to bring down Iran’s government!”

That’s what the Mockingbird media told us in August 1953. They rehashed the story in 2009. And now they’re singing the same old tired refrain.

It worked in 1953. In those days, the Iranian people were naive. They let the CIA’s fabrications destroy their democracy.

The “spontaneous protests” of 1953 were anything but. As documented in The Coup by Ervand Abrahamian, the CIA hired the two biggest gangsters of the South Tehran ghetto,  “Icy Ramadan” and “Brainless Shaban,” to mobilize rent-a-mobs. That’s right, the two leading “Iranian anti-government protest organizers” of 1953 were CIA-sponsored hoodlums named Icy and Brainless. They were the icy, brainless brains behind protests scripted by the CIA to show that the people of Iran hated Mosaddegh.

In fact, most of the Iranian people liked Mossadegh. They never forgave the US for destroying their democratically-elected government. In 1979, they overthrew the US-Zionist puppet regime headed by the CIA’s torturer-in-chief, the Shah. Iran has been a democratic, independent, Islamic, socialist country ever since….

Sigh.  Well, no, not really.

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