Trump’s SOTU address as seen from Plato’s cave

These “liberals” or whatever they are seem to think that they live in a utopian paradise in which Trump is an unsightly blemish.    Apparently they’ve already forgotten about the rape and pillage of yugoslavia, iraq, libya and syria carried out under two “liberal” and one “conservative” administration under knowingly false pretenses, two with the full support of their beloved hillary.   They seem to think the systematic gutting and export of american industry abroad under these same administrations was an accident and in any case  irrelevant to their future.

Most likely they know absolutely nothing about the decades of subjugation and torture of latin america by one administration after another, or debt-based money or the federal reserve system, or the corporate puppet strings animating their favorite TV pundits, or the NWO or the cancer of luciferian pedophilia bubbling just below the surface, which has metastasized into the entire establishment as evidenced by the unanimity and fanaticism of its war on Trump.   Most of them will not even survive the “liberal” revolution that they seek.  This is mind control.


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