Success: America’s Opioid Epidemic

The ‘prescription opioid epidemic’ is ravaging American families, neighborhoods, communities, cities and states – shredding the entire fabric of US society, especially in rural, mining and former manufacturing ‘rust belt’ regions. Hundreds of thousands of mostly working class victims have died and millions of addicts, unable to resist the destruction of their futures, have replaced a once powerful labor force.

Official government studies estimate almost 700,000 deaths since 1999, based on the scattered and incomplete coroner reports and death certificates that characterize the state of vital statistics in the US. There is no uniformity in data collection and no interest in developing a uniform national system on which to formulate social policies. Most likely additional hundreds of thousands of drug deaths have gone un-recorded or attributed to ‘pre-existing’ medical conditions, suicides and accidents – despite clear evidence of over-prescription of narcotics and sedatives in the victims.

The US opioid epidemic accounts in large part for the ‘declining numbers of workforce participants among prime age workers’ according to Senate testimony by Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen, an Obama appointee. An estimated 15% of US construction workers suffer from substance abuse. The escalating costs of ‘Suboxone’ and other forms of narcotic addiction treatment threaten to bankrupt the health plans of several building unions. Shortages of qualified American skilled building trade workers further allow employers to push for more immigrant labor to fill the gap. …

What a coincidence that the survivors of the past 30 years of carefully engineered  US deindustrialization now suffer from a drug addiction which not only eliminates their capacity to organize and fight their oppression and impoverishment but grooms them for a career in the prison/slavery industry.   And of course many of their kids who survive medical assault without becoming autistic will proudly follow in their parents footsteps, one way or another.

If you think this is an accident you shouldn’t even be reading this blog.  We deal in reality here.  Social control 101.  That’s what we’re living right now.  But most people can’t handle the truth.  That’s why they watch TV news.

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