Satanic Medicine Wrings its Hands Over Wayward “Teen Brains”

Teen Brains on Trial
The science of neural development tangles with the juvenile death penalty

Later this year, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments about whether federal law should continue to permit executions of 16- and 17-year-olds convicted of murder. On this life-or-death issue, controversial legal and ethical views on teenagers’ capacity to control their behavior and obey the law will take center stage. However, a relative newcomer to the debate—the burgeoning science of brain development—may critically influence the high court’s final decision.

A coalition of psychiatric and legal organizations plans to submit a brief to the justices contending that teenagers often make poor decisions and act impulsively because their brains haven’t attained an adult level of organization. Consequently, the coalition argues, teenage killers are less culpable for their crimes than their adult counterparts are. Capital punishment of teens thus violates the constitutional amendment protecting citizens from cruel and unusual punishment….

Well now if kids aren’t yet capable of controlling their rage and depression at the predatory depravity of obstetrical abuse and circumcision and psychiatric drugging and abuse, or rewire themselves to work around the pleasure deprivation resulting from broken mother-bonding and life-long sexual sensory lobotomy, maybe we should just admit that they’re not fully “human”.  They are medical property as they always were and always will be.  Overachieving know-it-all sexually perverted psychopathic control freaks in white robes are obviously trustworthy judges of the character of their victims.   That’s what liberals are, doncha no?  Compassionate monsters.    Yet another luciferian reversal.

Oh the irony here.

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