Multiple Vaccines at Once Risk Genetic Recombination and New Pandemics

Surely this isn’t a surprise?  Medicine is controlled by satanists after all, as you can readily convince yourself to a reasonable standard of proof with a little research (start with circumcision and obstetrics).  What’s surprising is that this practice has been going on for decades with no questions asked by our street level authority figures in white coats, who presumably have the credentials to understand the risk.   If nothing else this is a testament to the effectiveness of med school brainwashing.

BTW: this risk is greatly amplified by vaccinating sick people in the hospital, even with monovalent vaccines, because they already have high levels of active viruses circulating in their blood.   This patently stupid, ineffective, contraindicated and obviously symptom-exacerbating practice seems to have become standard only recently.


While it is widely appreciated that infection with a virulent virus can produce disease in an animal, the ability of a mixture of avirulent viruses to produce disease by means of complementation or recombination in vivo has not been established. In this study, two weakly neuroinvasive herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) strains were simultaneously inoculated onto the footpads of mice. Many (62%) of the animals that received a 1:1 mixture of the viruses died, whereas the animals that received a similar or 100-fold higher dose of each agent alone survived. Of fourteen viruses isolated from the brains of ten mice that died after receiving the mixture of the two weakly neuroinvasive viruses, eleven were recombinants; three of these recombinants were lethal when reapplied to the footpads of mice. These results show that two avirulent HSV-1 variants may interact in vivo to produce virulent recombinants and a lethal infection. They also suggest that different genetic lesions account for the weakly neuroinvasive character of the HSV-1 strains ANG and KOS after footpad inoculation.

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