Is Steve Bannon a NWO Mole?

Edit: maybe I should be asking whether trump himself is an NWO mole!

Of course Trump is surrounded by enemies, that was totally predictable given what he’s up against.   It’s good that he has his own private army of bodyguards, especially given the culpability of the secret service in JFK’s carefully choreographed assassination and subsequent media coverup.

How easy would it be for someone to slip some drug into his food that makes him act crazy, just in time for a press conference?   Expect it.

And don’t tell me his twittering is evidence of instability.   It’s a very successful strategy for bypassing the genocidal pedophile satanic eugenicists who control the MSM.   He talks plainly, sometimes rashly.  He’s reckless at times.  I believe (or hope) that his rhetoric toward NK is a diversion from his real agenda, which hopefully is the take down of the global invisible satanic empire.  Would you prefer the polished deception of obama or hillary, who were biting at the bit to start a war with russia?

There will be no coincidences or accidents in this political climate.   Either Trump serves out his term without mysterious glitches in his appearance or behavior, or the satanic terrorists win.  Thinking people of all stripes need to support him and be thankful for him, given what the alternative was.

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