Globalist Orifice CNN Frets over Lack of Traction for Salacious New Anti-Trump Nothingburger

Why isn’t the Stormy Daniels story a bigger deal?

That seems like a big story, no? And yet, while it’s drawn some attention — particularly in the wake of the Journal’s latest reporting Thursday about the private company — it appears to not be moving the needle much with the public.
The short answer is I don’t know….
Here’s an idea: Whether or not the story is true or financed by the DNC, the sheep are starting to wake up to your games.  There’s probably not a circumcised public figure in washington or on CNN that doesn’t have similar skeletons in their closet.  The testosterone released by such power and influence running into the brick wall of sexual mutilation can be expected to create such problems.
But the larger issue is that the looming government shutdown over the democrats’ claimed concern for the human rights of a highly select group of children (the kids affected by DACA) who happen to not live (or to have died to the applause of the likes of CNN) in places like libya , syria or iraq is appearing increasingly manufactured.   With the apparent attempt to start WWIII with an ICBM launch against hawaii having failed and trump’s noose around the neck of the global network of satanic pedophile controllers getting tighter, the spending bill appears to be yet another tactic to manufacture a crisis, this time with the dollar itself on the satanic altar.
Thanks for keeping your eye on the ball, cnn.

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