French Blogger’s Coverage of Kerth’s Writings on Satanism

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The title of the article is

Pedocriminal networks do not exist | Barker Network

which I assume is an error in translation.  But the rest of the article is good as far as I’ve read:

Kerth Barker is an American who has written books about his experience as a satanic network victim as part of the CIA’s mental control operations.

We will see here that Barker presents a US Satanist group, in which he was embarked without going to the initiation, with a victim’s point of view, but from within.

It explains a functioning, methods, but also speaks of a kind of “resistance” inside the Satanist sphere.

(The summary of this book that you will read is quite detailed, in order to understand the atmosphere described by Barker, although I have more emphasis on the factual side).

In her book ” Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers , memoirs of a satanic ritual abuse survivor”, Kerth Barker begins with his childhood and his family.

He explains that his grandfather entered a satanic lodge in New York, where he met a woman who was part of the huge contingent of Nazis exfiltrated in the US after the war.

This transfer of Nazis across the Atlantic is Operation Paperclip [1], which is far from being a conspiracy theory since archives have been unearthed.

Paperclip’s goal was to get scientists , but also senior officers, Nazi contractors, to use them in the United States to develop various weapons and varied.

The newly created CIA quickly put in place several military programs, such as MK Monarch, MK Naomi etc., variations of MK Ultra , to test all imaginable methods of mental control, with the precious help of Nazi scientists who had practiced with the victims of the concentration camps.

Officially, as part of the Cold War, the goal was to create the perfect military, the perfect assassin, able to kill on command without remembering anything.

Regarding these MK-Ultra operations, I refer to the few archives that were not destroyed by the CIA in the 1970s, on the case of Ewen Cameron , the world-famous Canadian psychiatrist who has done experiments on many patients

and to the recordings of a commission of inquiry into this issue , which took place under the Clinton presidency, and during which several victims testified of abuses similar to those experienced by Keth Barker.

We can also refer to the case of Pont-Saint-Esprit, a small town poisoned LSD by the CIA to test the effects of these products, in 1954.

This kind of test was not unusual: many US cities have had similar experiments, with LSD (invented by a German chemist, Fritz Hoffmann) or with other drugs.

This woman met by the grandfather, nicknamed Shotzy, was studying Theosophy (which Barker describes as “international Luciferian movement” and the texts of Héléna Blavatski, before going straight to the delusions of Alistair Crowley, who passes for the pope of Satanism.

Back in St. Louis, the grandfather and Shotzy would have created a convent, a small satanic group, under the aegis of another Luciferian.

Barker explains that Shotzy was also trained by the CIA, by Luciferians who initiated it.

Barker writes that he only met her at the age of six in the early 1960s, but that she had been behind her life since birth.

She became in a way her nanny, essentially preoccupied by the desire to turn her into a soldier with an iron will, removing all empathy in him.

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