Dem Support For Trump Surveillance Powers Proves “Resistance” Is Bullshit

The so-called “Resistance”, the think tank-generated campaign to continue the authentic grassroots energy from the Bernie Sanders campaign and artificially harness it to oppose Donald Trump, is bullshit. It always has been bullshit. It always will be bullshit.

The leaders of the “Resistance” do not oppose Donald Trump. They are Donald Trump dressed in drag….

As we discussed previously, the US intelligence community has been aggressively demanding that congress reauthorize its Orwellian Section 702 surveillance powers, and the president has been echoing those demands. House Democrats could have forced an amendment called the USA RIGHTS Act to abridge this administration’s ability to spy on US citizens, but they did not. This same president who Democratic representatives like Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell have been loudly claiming is a treasonous Russian agent has been granted uninhibited surveillance powers by both Schiff and Swalwell, as well as House opposition leader Nancy Pelosi. They do not believe that Trump is a Kremlin asset, and they do not oppose him.

This is a continuation of a standard trend in which “Resistance” leaders publicly claim that Trump is a traitor, an aspiring autocrat, a secret Nazi, dangerously incompetent and mentally ill, yet continue heaping godlike powers upon him anyway, like when they let the continued authorization of his unconstitutional AUMF war powers sail through unnoticed a few months ago. Their words say one thing, their actions say another….

… Psychopaths can learn to mimic “how” normal people express empathy. They do not actually feel empathy, but they can learn to “act” as if they do. The comments from the psychopathic neocons Caitlin references would fall into this category in my opinion. They are attempts to appear “empathetic” and “normal” and “acceptable” in order to better manipulate their “prey” — which is the rest of us. Nonetheless they remain the same amoral, psychopathic war criminals deserving of public trial and punishment they have always been. The embrace of these monsters by neoliberal democrats speaks volumes about the commonality of psychopathic traits within our ruling class. The words of a psychopath mean nothing regarding their actual intents, while their behavior means everything…

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