Confronting Govt Assassination of Martin Luther King: The Joke of “Progressive” Media

Above is the video of me confronting Matt Rothschild, then-Editor of The Progressive magazine, asking why he is hiding the truth about who really killed Martin Luther King Jr. and why. Below is a transcript of my interview with William Pepper, the King family attorney, who won a civil lawsuit proving the US government killed Dr. King.

So…happy MLK Day! I’m ready for the revolution whenever you are.

Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Do you see the blood on his hands?   Is that dripping from his fangs?  Chumpsky would be proud.

If I still read the “progressive” magazine I’d want my money back.  But how do you unsubscribe from an entire orchestrated controlled opposition “movement”?

Similar embarrassment can be found in democracynow’s self-adulatory coverage of this dismal anniversary.

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