An Obvious Cause of the Plague of American Child Sex Trafficking

The medical establishment would have us believe that most social dysfunction and disease are caused by defective DNA in the perpetrators or victims.   But this would seem contrary to standard evolutionary theory, which can readily account for something as subtle and adaptive as the hormones and brain circuitry which give rise to love and empathy in humans (and mammals, for that matter).   So how can we account for the deluge of satanic perverts in this country, given the darwinian anti-selection bias which undoubtedly results from such behaviors?

Methinks some of the “cultprits” are masquerading as medical scientists, aided in no small part by young parents’ fear and distrust of their own divine biology compared to the “authority” simulacra of profit-driven medical institutions.    This is why grandparents and intact communities are so important, they provide a perspective and confidence which is utterly lacking in our young brainwashed new survivors of the american education/media establishment.

In terms of social organization, humanity is being gutted and bled for the benefit of the satanic system.   “Corruption” is just emergent self organization on the complex social substrate in the absence of humane motivations.   There is no one actor, everyone is embedded in intergenerational feedback loops, including doctors.   We need to get back to basics.

If you’re serious about combatting child sex trafficking and satanic ritual abuse, stop denying where most of it comes from.   The blatantly satanic imprint of the routine ritual of sadopedophilic infant torture, and the broken people that it produces.

Teaching Sadomasochism in the Obstetrical Ward

Reality: Neurologically, MGM is the same as FGM

Walmart, Sears, Amazon, Ebay et al sell Do-It-Yourself Circumcision Torture Devices

Also note the similarities with the epidemic of autism in the USA.   Can scientific objectivity resist ordinary legal and financial conflicts of interest in the medical establishment?   Obviously not, given the above.

Parents wake from your mind control.  Trust your instincts.  They’re there for a reason.

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