26+ States Criminalize Boycotting Israel: $1 Million Fine & 20 Years in Prison!

It’s not anti-semitic to note the obvious fact that the anti-semitic label has been leveraged into a tiresomely predictable bludgeon of political manipulation by the thoroughly barbaric and warmongering state of israel and its apologists in american media, entertainment and politics.   The ubiquity and power evidenced by this orwellian cabal certainly raises questions to any thinking person.

Newsbud presents an in-depth roundtable discussion on the controversial subject of banning boycotts in the United States. Newsbud’s founder & editor Sibel Edmonds hosts human rights attorney Mark Kleiman & human rights activist Paul Larudee as they debate the looming ban on boycotts that threatens our protected right to free speech under the Constitution, and that may set a very dangerous precedent. Do not miss this fiery 70+ minute roundtable – available for members at Newsbud.com, or watch it now at Newbud Vimeo on Demand.


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