Pizzagate: The Instagram Profile of Washington’s 49th Most Powerful Man

In 2012, GQ magazine rated James Alefantis (owner of comet ping pong) the 49th most powerful man in washington.

His instagram ID is/was “jimmycomet”.  Pictures can be downright deafening, but the comments are nearly as telling as the photos.

jimmycomet instagram

Something I just noticed, in the image at there’s a faint outline of a heart on the baby’s cheek.  Also some kind of shiny substance or blistering.   Has this baby been branded?   Of course not.  That’s crazy.

This is so sickening, now you know why I haven’t posted much of this stuff on TCR.  It hurts to look at it.

Fire & Fury vs Trump in Context of GOP/DNC Pedophilia & Satanic Murder of Children

I have ordered and will review both Fire & Fury and its counterpart book by Newt Gingrich, Understanding Trump. I will then do two reviews that I anticipate will exonerate our President while demonstrating that the GOP and DNC are guilty of massive embedded pedophilia & Satanic murder of children who have been tortured to produce adrenalized blood while also yielding bone marrow and youthful organs valued for their anti-aging properties.

Few people know that I am a Commissioner for the Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking & Child Exploitation, itself sponsored by the treaty-based International Tribunal for Natural Justice. I have nurtured the book Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State and am now setting in motion a second book tentatively titled: Illuminati Down: 1,000 Survivors and 100 Prisoners Expose, By-Name, the Red Shoe Blood Network From Pope to Pence to Podesta.

It is very important for the public to understand that the alternative to our President, should he be dismissed under the 25th Amendment (mentally unfit) is Mike Pence. In my view — and the view of Julian Assange — Mike Pence is morally unfit to be President (or Vice President). In my view our President is a disruptor who has the Deep State on the run. Mike Pence *is* the Deep State.  I believe our President to be street smart and I salute Rex Tillerson for making the case so clearly in the President’s favor.

I continue to believe that only our existing legitimately-elected (and also accidentally-elected) President can restore integrity to the US Government. My simply three-part plan for his doing so is at Trump Triumph in Three Moves.


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Trump Transition Team Emails: Window on Bipartisan Washington Corruption

On Saturday, the news broke that Kory Langhofer, counsel to Donald Trump’s transition team known as Trump for America, Inc. (TFA), had sent a 7-page letter to House and Senate Committees stating that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office had improperly received “tens of thousands of emails” from the General Services Administration (GSA), a Federal agency, that had been sent or received by members of Trump’s transition team. …

Looking at how the sausage is made during the Presidential transition – the period from election day to inauguration day – is something that should have been criminally investigated long before now. There is certainly a prima facie case that can be made that this is the period when the will of the elected President is replaced by the will of a cartel of lawyers representing multi-national corporations. …


It would appear that the so-called “transition team” is where Wall Street and its legions of high-paid lawyers take over, regardless of whether it’s a Democrat or Republican heading to the Oval Office.

Backing up that theory are the emails that WikiLeaks released from John Podesta’s email account while he was Campaign Chairman for Hillary Clinton in 2016 as well as emails when he was Co-Chairman of President-elect Obama’s transition team in 2008. …

An Obvious Cause of the Plague of American Child Sex Trafficking

The medical establishment would have us believe that most social dysfunction and disease are caused by defective DNA in the perpetrators or victims.   But this would seem contrary to standard evolutionary theory, which can readily account for something as subtle and adaptive as the hormones and brain circuitry which give rise to love and empathy in humans (and mammals, for that matter).   So how can we account for the deluge of satanic perverts in this country, given the darwinian anti-selection bias which undoubtedly results from such behaviors?

Methinks some of the “cultprits” are masquerading as medical scientists, aided in no small part by young parents’ fear and distrust of their own divine biology compared to the “authority” simulacra of profit-driven medical institutions.    This is why grandparents and intact communities are so important, they provide a perspective and confidence which is utterly lacking in our young brainwashed new survivors of the american education/media establishment.

In terms of social organization, humanity is being gutted and bled for the benefit of the satanic system.   “Corruption” is just emergent self organization on the complex social substrate in the absence of humane motivations.   There is no one actor, everyone is embedded in intergenerational feedback loops, including doctors.   We need to get back to basics.

If you’re serious about combatting child sex trafficking and satanic ritual abuse, stop denying where most of it comes from.   The blatantly satanic imprint of the routine ritual of sadopedophilic infant torture, and the broken people that it produces.

Teaching Sadomasochism in the Obstetrical Ward

Reality: Neurologically, MGM is the same as FGM

Walmart, Sears, Amazon, Ebay et al sell Do-It-Yourself Circumcision Torture Devices

Also note the similarities with the epidemic of autism in the USA.   Can scientific objectivity resist ordinary legal and financial conflicts of interest in the medical establishment?   Obviously not, given the above.

Parents wake from your mind control.  Trust your instincts.  They’re there for a reason.

PDF: List of Vaccines Containing Human DNA

Informed Consent and Product Content Disclosure:  Almost 92% of our children have been given vaccines made using human fetal cell lines, which are contaminated with human fetal cell DNA and a retrovirus. To date, 24 vaccines (10 of these are used in the US) contain components that are produced using human fetal cell lines. These cell lines are MRC-5 and WI-38

Is this necessary? No.

Animal cell lines produce vaccines and biologics as economically and effectively as the human fetal cell lines. Rejuvenating anti-aging creams and cosmetic products are available produced using animal and non-fetal materials.

Is this safe? We don’t know.

Studies have not yet been done to determine the health consequences of injecting contaminating human fetal DNA and materials into our children, into our bodies, or into our skin. SCPI is doing those studies.

The health risks of using human fetal cell lines for vaccine manufacture have been debated by scientists for over 50 years.

The active component of a vaccine is a virus.  Viruses are too large to manufacture in test tubes. Therefore, vaccine manufacturers exploit the natural method of producing virus– they inoculate cells and the cells produce the virus for them.  Each vial of vaccine contains contaminants from the cells used to make the virus.  When we use animal cells to make viruses, the residual material is not human and so we mount an immune response to it and eliminate it.  However, in the case of vaccines produced using human fetal cell lines, we have the health risk of triggering an autoimmune response and insertion of the contaminating DNA to disrupt the child’s own genes.

In the US, autism has spiked up in 3 distinct years, called changepoints.  The first changepoint occurred in 1981, the second in 19881, and the third in 1996.  These spikes coincide with the introduction of vaccines that are produced in human fetal cells.  In 1979, human fetal cell produced MMR II was approved in the US. Compliance campaigns brought MMR II use up from as low as 49% for children born before 1987 to over 82% for children born in 1989 and later. A second dose of MMR II was also introduced to the vaccination schedule for children born in 1988 and later. The third changepoint corresponds to the approval of human fetal cell produced Varivax (chickenpox) in 1995 (See figure below).

The scientific community has well documented the biological processes that make human fetal contaminants in our vaccines so potentially dangerous. Sound Choice is doing the studies to demonstrate the actual health risks with each vaccine.

1Also published by the EPA in March 2010.

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