Wikileaks Drops 65GB Torrent to the Net

Potentially this might indeed be the most damaging information ever released upon the Deep State, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Many are speculating the information contained in this drop will show irrefutable evidence of corruption, treason and murder. Just now we only have a couple of decent videos out talking about the drop itself, those will be attached with links directly below. As screenshots and links begin to get posted from the drop I will attach the most damaging ones directly to the photo and add everything I find into the comments here.

I would remind everyone that in their history spanning over a decade now, Wikileaks has NEVER had to retract anything they have posted and NEVER lost a court case brought against them. Their reputation is spotless. The false allegations brought against Julian Assange in Sweden have also now been dismissed by the court in Sweden as well.

John Miranda

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James Munder review:

UNIROCK review:

This is the torrent file Assange posted. Keep in mind you need 65GB of available storage and it indeed might take 24-48 hours to download all of it. Link:

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