Wet Nursing: Human Breast Milk Classified Ads

Wet nursing used to be the norm when new mothers couldn’t breast feed.   But in a feat of corporate advertising magic, this perfectly healthy alternative was replaced by random white liquids with varying degrees of nutritional ( https://theecologist.org/2006/apr/01/breastmilk-vs-formula-food ) and toxic ( http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/10/131010091429.htm ) content and uniformly zero degrees of immunological or hormonal content.   Now new mothers who were hoodwinked into the standard obstetrical routine and can’t BF as a result, sometimes push the envelope with goats milk or home-made  “organic” concoctions.

There is no substitute for human breast milk.  Sorry, that’s just a fact.  Wet nursing is far superior to any kind of non-human milk or pseudo milk.   If you can’t BF, find someone who has some to spare.  Here’s a place to start: