Vaccine Research Compilation

Sharing my Vaccine Research Library of over 4000 links in over 250 categories.

This is a collection of the research I have done in the past eight months. It continues to grow and I update the website at least once a week.

The main categorized section is the Web Links.

There is also a Documents section with thousands of documents (including Full Peer Reviewed Study PDFs).

There are links and/or documents for things such as:

– Many Resource web links for Vaccine info
– Adverse Events
– Birth Control/Population Control Vaccine
– Birth Plan Signs
– Books
– CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Reports
– CDC’s vaccine-related patents
– Death statistics (1900-2013)
– Detox
– Files Released by CDC Whistleblower William Thompson
– FluView (CDC) Extracted Data
– Fraud, Corruption and Conflicts of Interest
– Graphs – Statistics
– Herd Immunity
– Immunization Schedules (CDC)
– Ingredients
– Laws and Requirements by State (including Exemption forms)
– Memes
– Military links
– Mortality statistics from 1890 to current
– Peer Reviewed Studies
– Refusing Vaccines Info
– Shedding
– Vaccine Injury Compensation Reports
– Vaccine Package Inserts (and clinical/statistical reviews from when vaccine was getting approved)
– Vaccine Damage Database info (VAERS, etc)
– Videos and Movies
– Vitamin C Treatment
– Vitamin K info
– Wakefield, Andrew


Here is also a link to my YouTube Playlist of good videos to watch related to vaccines:

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