Industrial Genocide Complex Increasingly Shrill About Personal Gun Ownership

Hand over your weapons

In the AFTERMATH of the Texas church shooting last week, Democratic lawmakers did what they always do: They skewered their Republican colleagues for offering only “thoughts and prayers,” and demanded swift action on gun control.

“The time is now,” said Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, “for Congress to shed its cowardly cover and do something.”

Trouble is, it’s not clear the “something” Democrats typically demand would make a real dent in the nation’s epidemic of gun violence. Congress can ban assault weapons, but they account for just a tiny sliver of the country’s 33,000 annual firearm deaths. And tighter background checks will do nothing to cut down on the 310 million guns already in circulation. ….

Fascism has worn many masks in the past century.  The current fashion is to call it “liberalism”.  They are not liberals.  At the street level, they are ahistorical drones.   At the top, they are murderous state worshipers, in all likelihood luciferians.

Let’s just step back a minute and reflect on the historical fact that this “liberal” “democratic” regime and its propaganda outlets such as the boston globe have not even blinked about the torture and murder of millions of innocent people in southeast asia, latin america and the middle east over the past 50 years, right up and through the past two decades under 2 “liberal” and 1 “conservative” administration, enslaving formerly relatively free people into  corporate serfs and expendable tools of luciferian financial interests in wall street and europe,  precisely in order to compete with and wreck the financial futures of the very people who financed these bloody made-for-TV safari spectacles and covert rapings, the american taxpayers.

And we the sheeple are supposed to believe this multi-decade pattern was just a terrible mistake, or perhaps a bit of over-enthusiastic nationalism by the sheep in wolves clothing that they deploy in the field, not directly traceable to the clawlike appendages of the puppetmasters who planned it out in plush corporate boardrooms years earlier.

No.  These were not mistakes.  Fictional reserve banking is not a productive enterprise.   Corporations are not people.  Call them what you will.  They are obviously not human.   More like a medieval form of AI.

The ONLY reason this country hasn’t joined the other victims in bloody massacres is that we are armed to the teeth.   And thank god people are starting to see the two-decades-long pattern of government sponsored domestic false flag massacres intended to shepherd us into disarmament and slaughter.   When the next school massacre happens, people will do well to look for special forces sneaking around the area and videotape the activities of supposed emergency responders.   And turn off your TV for god’s sake.   Talk to your neighbors about what they saw.   Organize community forums.  Ask disturbing questions of the supposed “helpers” from washington and their lying parrots in the media.   And demand that the school principals be armed and trained.   Don’t wait for satanists to come to your rescue.   They will not be bearing gifts.  The system is broken, perhaps beyond repair, but our communities are still functioning (barely).

I wonder how Mr.  likes to season his humans.  A bit of garlic perhaps, with a glass of blood on the side?

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