FBI Whistleblower: FBI took measures to stop Trump from winning election

Hopefully readers of this blog know I’m not a partisan of any stripe.  But it’s very clear that the so-called investigation against trump reeks of the permanent government.  I’m not a trumpster, he stinks too, but it’s very apparent that he’s not on board with a much larger agenda which has roped in a significant portion of the MSM and political and economic elite.   My guess is that agenda is the NWO agenda.  Global government requires national collapse as a prerequisite so that people are accepting of outside intervention.   Obama doubled the so-called national debt under obviously false pretenses.  It is now clear to the rest of the world that whoever is running the US economy has no intention whatsoever of paying that “debt” using a “strong” dollar.  Hyperinflation is required.  “Austerity” is required.  Chaos and war are required to nullify normal political processes.

This is a coup in the making.   My suggestion is to hold your nose and support trump.

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