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With a few notable exceptions, the FBI functions as a tool of political manipulation (recruiting and then “discovering” and arresting fools for “terrorist” psyops and self-aggrandizement, covering up for mass murder like the OKC bombing, terrorizing legitimate political dissenters and the occasional targeted assassination such as officer Terrance Yeaky and Kenneth Trentadue  framing innocent people with falsified forensic evidence , and finally parallel construction of illegally obtained evidence a criminal enterprise that they share with the DEA

Where do they get their teflon armor?  Hollywood and the MSM, that’s where.  It has worked the same throughout history, or at least ever since the rise of public relations.  How do you think hitler gained and retained power?  Do you think germans are inherently monsters at some deep psychological level?   They were lied to, just as we are being lied to.   The monsters are in your TV.  Turn it off.

Judicial Watch President: “Forget Mueller,” The Real Question Is “Do We Need To Shut Down The FBI?”

Echoing the thoughts that are undoubtedly running through the minds of many Americans following startling revelations of an “insurance policy” crafted by FBI agents Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok to prevent a Trump presidency at all costs (something we covered here: FBI Texts Reveal “Insurance Policy” To Prevent Trump Presidency), Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on Fox News last night to say it’s time to move beyond discussing whether or not it’s appropriate to shut down Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation and move on to consider whether it’s now time to consider shutting down the entire FBI after “it was turned into a KGB-type operation by the Obama administration?”

For those who missed it, Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) did a masterful job during Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s hearing yesterday of summarizing all the DOJ/FBI conflicts which prove that Special Counsel Mueller’s probe is nothing but a farcical, politically-motivated witch hunt led by Obama/Clinton loyalists. If you missed this exchange, it’s definitely worth a listen…

If you don’t speak out now while you can, you’ll certainly feel like an idiot when the monsters take over society as they’ve done so many times in the past.  Let’s just cut to the quick: for all practical purposes, social controllers and their minions in government and the media are not human.   Do you really want satanic pedophiles responsible for 9/11 to be preying on children with more impunity than they already have?

And btw, to the degree that fox was ever an alternative to the rest of the professional liars, that distinction is about to be eliminated:   And you can thank liberal clinton for paving the way to the mass media’s complete consolidation.  (I used to put the word “liberal” in quotes to try to preserve its original meaning, but now I’m surrendering.   It is synonymous with fascist)

Stop trusting in monsters, whether they’re in white coats or suits.   For the most part they are genitally mutilated, empathically stunted and pitiable creatures.   This fact is especially evident with the FBI, which doesn’t tabulate or publicize circumcision status in its much-vaunted statistics on violent criminals despite the well established connection (   My assumption is that most male FBI agents are also circumcised and thus subject to the same psychological issues as the criminals with which they have a symbiotic relationship.   That explains a lot.

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A counter-surveillance toolkit that might help:

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