Binary Weapon: How the Insiders Avoid Chemtrail Aluminum Toxicity

Aluminum is in all kinds of food and beverage packaging of course, but until the satanists started spraying it in the skies under the profitable depopulating hoax of human caused global warming , aware people could avoid most of it.   But in order for aluminum neuro-toxicity to fully manifest, the aluminum has to cross the blood brain barrier.   This is where the other  half of the binary weapon comes in: halogen additives to the food and water: fluorine (fluoridated water and toothpaste, fluorine in pesticides and pharmaceuticals such as SSRI antidpressants) and probably chlorine (water) and bromine (vegetable oil, flour and pesticides) as well.

This Food Has 180 Times the Fluoride of Drinking Water:

Foods highest in Fluoride:,10,8

The extreme neurotoxicity of aluminum in combination with fluorine is well known and is apparently consciously utilized in infant formula:

Too much aluminum in infant formulas, UK researchers find

Three years later:

Action is needed now to lower the content of aluminium in infant formulas

Fluoride from drinking water (and “fluoride fortified formula water”) combines with aluminum. The fluoroaluminum complex is transported into the brain:

Babies shouldn’t even be drinking this crap, and wouldn’t be if not for medical obstetrical abuse which disrupts maternal lactation:

Listen to the interview with Paul Connett in the podcast section of this site if you think there is any science whatsoever behind the stated rationale for adding hexafluorosilicic acid to drinking water.  It’s a testament to the sheeplike behavior of americans that supposed experts in dental health and drinking water treatment haven’t thought through what happens to the chemical when it passes through your mouth  (direct tooth contact is the only way it hardens and embrittles tooth enamel) and into your body.

This whole country is ripe for the plucking.

While I’m on the subject of water treatment, what impact does dissolved  chlorine or chloramine water chemicals have on gut bacteria?  The gut flora are now known to be a key component of the  immune system and detoxification.  That’s probably why the MMR vaccine affects gut flora when it triggers autism in kids.   There’s an intimate link between gut health and brain health.  And water chlorination is designed to kill bacteria.   There’s a far less toxic, possibly gut-beneficial alternative: ozonation.   But that requires an appreciation for the value of human beings in our regulatory infrastructure.   Dream on.