American Schools Discover Recess

The very cutting edge of education about education, developed by educators who are very educated about educating kids thanks to their advanced degrees in something or other that has to do with being control freaks and social engineers.   Thank goodness someone has figured out that kids have physical bodies!   I thought they were disembodied brains.

The takeover of education by the robber barons happened a century ago.   Similar in intent to the bifurcation of political economy into separate “political science” and “economic science”  departments in universities, the idea is to brainwash the masses into isolation, compartmentalization and passive submission.   “Educators” are the most brainwashed of all.


While most school districts across the country are cutting back on recess time and ramping up the Ritalin, one Texas school has kindergartners and first graders sitting still and “incredibly attentive.”

What’s their secret? Their recess time has tripled.

Instead of 20 minutes of recess per day, Eagle Mountain Elementary kindergartners and first graders now get an hour, broken up into four 15-minute breaks, in addition to lunchtime.

Their teachers say it’s totally transformed them.

The kids are less fidgety, less distracted, more engaged in learning and make more eye contact.

Eagle Mountain is one of dozens of schools in Texas, Oklahoma and California testing out extra recess time as part of a three-year trial. The pilot program is modeled after the Finnish school system, whose students get some of the best scores in the world in reading, math and science.

The designer of the program — called LiiNK — is kinesiologist Debbie Rhea of Texas Christian University. Rhea spent 6 weeks in Finland in 2012 to discover the secret of their success.

The biggest difference Rhea noticed was that students in Finland get much more recess than American kids do — 15 minutes of “unstructured outdoor play” after every 45 minutes of instruction. ….

Well now I think that might be excessive.  It takes at least 5 minutes to hook them back up to the electrode helmet and milking machine.   Besides, american kids don’t need to be smart.  They need to be enslaved.

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