Aerosol Crimes – First Edition

Ever look up? Ever wonder what happened to our beautiful blue skies? They still have them over the Bohemian Grove event every year, the Bilderberg meeting, Washington D.C., over the Rockefeller mansion in New York State… but not here in mid-MO, nor in mid-OR. There are websites and FaceBook groups that document the spraying.

For more than 20 years we have been sprayed with RAID like bugs in a jar – “for our own good.” It’s part of the swamp dwellers’ plan for humanity. Drain the swamp!

Drive from coast to coast and you will see a white haze over most of the country, X’s drawn by jets. Here, just watch this video by Clifford Carnicom…

Belly Dancing in Pregnancy

This totally make sense.  The american culture is so oppressive that dancing seems to be less common here than elsewhere, and that probably increases labor difficulty in american births.  That’s why women should never never ever do anything without a doctor present.  Lay down, take your drugs and wait for the doctor to leverage your (his?) baby out.