The Dark Side of the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children

The ICMEC was formed in 1998 in the aftermath of the Dutroux Affair and the massive cover-up to save high-profile perpetrators. The Belgium public was outraged, there were large protests in the streets and the only man making progress in the investigation was sacked.(1) [ ]

Action was needed to placate the people.

Several child protection agencies sprung up around the world, the NCMEC acting as a template organization who then founded ICMEC to act as the head coordinating effort. The NCMEC office is located nearby, also in Alexandria, VA.

The official launch of ICMEC was made in London 1999, launched by Hillary Clinton and Cherie Blair, wife of Tony Blair.

This article will attempt to digest many of their significant connections which can be backed by solid evidence in furtherance of my goals to preserve such information cohesively on the blockchain. This will include the connections illustrated in the above mindmap, as well as valuable additional information. …

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