Spanking: Spare the Child, Spoil the Parents

Thy Rod and Thy Staff They Comfort Me: Christians and the Spanking Controversy

This book captures what the Bible really says about corporal punishment. If you are pro-spanking, you will have a very difficult time refuting Samuel Martin’s valid arguments using the correct translations of the Bible. If you are wondering- “Is spanking really okay?” then this book will put your mind to rest. It’s a quick read, written clearly and simply. There are many sources quoted and recommended, if one desires further research on the subject. A truly life-changing book….

Jesus, the Gentle Parent: Gentle Christian Parenting

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I write as a Christian from Jerusalem, Israel about Biblical subjects.

I am particularly interested in the subjects of children, families, women’s issues, corporal punishment, science and nature as these subjects relate to the Holy Scriptures.

The first book mentioned above is available for free download at:

Without getting too much into the religious aspect, the following question is raised, given the huge divergence between authentic biblical translation and conventional church teaching on such an important topic:


Awake and aware christians need to ask a very uncomfortable question: when did satanic influences begin to infiltrate the christian church?   Seriously.   We have self-described christians offering up their newborn son’s sex organ in sacrificial satanic abuse rituals nation wide.   It’s practically a requirement of polite christian society.

This should give devout christians a great deal of food for thought.

For those so inclined, here is the science behind the wisdom of the original gospel:


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