Midwife Association doesn’t know where babies come from

Midwife Association of North America, or MANA, doesn’t seem to know where babies come from. In recent posts on their facebook page MANA started getting pushback from females in response to an event called “National Queer and Trans Birth Workers Convening” subtitled “Challenging Barriers, Taking Space.” The cause for concern was that this event removes the language we use to describe mothers and women’s experience of childbirth, and as a result attribute childbirth to men. MANA in particular has a history of erasing the word ‘women’ and ‘mothers’ from their practice. In 2014, “the word “woman” [was] erased from the MANA core competencies document and replaced with “pregnant individual” and “birthing parent.” The women who came to comment on the page were confused and offended, one commenter asked the association, “What barriers are you challenging exactly, human biological ones?” When one woman asserted that only women give birth, the association responded:

“Your comments suggesting that only women give birth is transphobic and posted after our clear guidelines to not do so. As such, it will be deleted.”


Satanists Infiltrating Midwifery Movement

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