GMOs have been ‘catastrophic’ for US agricultural exports

In a recent article published by The Western Producer, a Canadian agricultural publication, hay exporter Ed Shaw was quoted as warning Canadian farmers about the “catastrophic” consequences of the blacklisting of U.S. alfalfa exporters by China after Monsanto’s Roundup Ready GM alfalfa was detected among shipments from U.S. suppliers.

Shaw is concerned that the same thing could happen to Canadian alfalfa farmers, since there are currently Roundup Ready alfalfa test plots being planted in Ontario and Quebec, along with plans to expand testing in other areas of the country.

At a recent Canadian forage conference, Shaw said:

In the export market, it has become a really hot topic item with the Chinese market. The Chinese have zero tolerance for GMO. It’s catastrophic.

Shaw is also concerned about GM canola seed, which is already widely planted in Canada, ending up being detected in alfalfa shipments, and said that he is worried that “if we start testing our alfalfa for zero tolerance, I bet we would fail.”

China recently blacklisted three American alfalfa exporters and quarantined their shipments — hundreds of container loads — after finding Roundup Ready alfalfa in them. It is feared that American alfalfa shipments to China may be banned entirely, since the country forbids the importation of GM hay. …

Whatever you think about the chinese government, at least they’re not trying to kill their own people through toxic pseudofood.

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