Case Reports of Diabetes Following MMR Vaccinations

Case Reports to NVIC of Diabetes Following MMR Shots

Every day since 1982, the National Vaccine Information Center has been contacted by countless numbers of mothers and fathers reporting deaths, brain injuries and chronic health problems following routine childhood vaccinations. The names and ages of the children change, but the descriptions of what happens to them are always the same. Following are a few examples of what parents have told us in their own words happened to their children after they were injected with MMR or rubella vaccine and developed juvenile diabetes.

Diabetes at 15 Months Old

“My daughter, age 15 months, received her first MMR vaccine at a routine well-baby check-up. Prior to receiving the vaccine she had no health problems other than an occasional cold. Three weeks later she was diagnosed with Type I diabetes.

“At her check-up, the pediatrician warned me that in 7 to 10 days she might develop a fever and/or rash in reaction to the vaccine. Eight days later she developed a slight fever which I attributed to the vaccine.

“Over the course of that week she began drinking fluids to an excess degree. She was so thirsty that she drank 2-3 cupfuls at a time and then began wetting through her diapers, saturating her crib sheets. She also became lethargic.

“…her condition deteriorated rapidly…she had severe diarrhea and vomiting, which are signs of out-of-control diabetes…her weight had dropped from 21 pounds less than three weeks earlier to 17 pounds…after two days in intensive care, she was moved to a hospital room on the regular pediatric ward for five days while my husband and I were given a crash course on diabetes management.”

“Today our daughter is 11 years old. She looks the picture of health and lives a seemingly normal life. She excels in school, baby-sits and is popular with school and neighborhood friends. But she is different. She is diabetic and diabetes does not go away.

She is rudely awakened every morning at 7 a.m. with a finger-prick to test her blood glucose levels and then receives her first injection of insulin. Four to five times a day she tests her blood sugar and twice a day she injects herself with insulin. This totals over 1600 finger pricks and 1100 injections each year (her dinnertime injection is really two injections since the two types of insulin she needs then cannot be mixed in one syringe).

She must eat regularly whether she is hungry or not in order to prevent insulin reactions. Occasionally she has experienced seizures during severe reactions. Common illnesses such as stomach viruses and strep throats demand a complete change in her regimen with the potential for hospitalization if her blood sugars go out of control.”…

“But the pharmacorps know everything there is to know about the human immune system don’t they?   Aren’t human bodies a lot like steam engines?”  — Doctor Bastard

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