Australia: Church Pedophiles Ignored by Police, Blackmail Ignored by “Investigation”

POLICE in Sydney and Melbourne had an “understanding..for many years” about protecting church figures accused of child sex allegations, royal commission chair Justice Peter McClellan will say in a speech in Melbourne on Tuesday.

The police “understanding” reflected a broader view that the community would suffer if its “pillars” were exposed as criminals, Justice McClellan will say based on evidence to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse about police handling of institutional child sex allegations.

“Assumed stability of society was seen to be more important than the protection of the child or justice for children through the prosecution of offenders,” Justice McClellan will tell the Centre for Behavioural Science in a speech titled ‘Rights’ and ‘Wrongs’. ….

This makes no sense as an alibi.   Which do you prefer, temporary political chaos with an eventual good outcome, or the slow steady takeover of the society’s institutions through blackmail?   Does McClellan really believe this explanation or is he also being blackmailed?   Certainly the police who offered up this implausibility as an explanation are being blackmailed.   Seriously, that’s how systemic this problem is.   Just the fact that the blackmail issue isn’t raised by the commission speaks volumes about the commission’s own state of compromise.   The subterfuge continues, new pedophiles will be recruited and the show will go on as before.

When you can’t rely on the structures of law enforcement to mount a real investigation, this is the kind of reasoning you’re forced to use.   It’s a terrible state of affairs.

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